Roller Banners – A Great Way To Get Your Message Across |

Roller Banners – A Great Way To Get Your Message Across

Roller banners are a great way to produce eye-catching graphics at all sorts of different events. They have so many uses on display stands at exhibitions, in showrooms, in stores, at conventions, and more. One of the big advantages of pull-up banners is that they are lightweight and very easy indeed to transport to a venue. When you arrive you simply unpack them, and they will be displaying your message within a couple of minutes.

You just take them out of the carrying bag, fit the pole together (it comes in three sections), twist out the feet on the base, pop the pole in the hole in the base, pull up the banner, and it’s ready. One thing you should note is not to let go of the banner as it will retract very quickly into the base and you might damage the print. The same thing applies when you take the banner down too.

At Just, we offer a range of roller banners from budget roller banners up to premium roller banners. The main difference between them, apart from the prices, is the base. If you only need a roller banner for a one-off use at a trade show or convention, our budget banners start at as little as £26.00. However, if you are going to be using it at a lot of events, it is better to go for a heavier quality base. Roller banners to take quite a bit of punishment, being thrown into the boots of cars or backs of vans and dumped on the floor of exhibition stands and top-quality roller banners will deal with it better than the budget range.

Brand awareness is something that takes time to build up, so if your company uses a particular range of fonts, colours, and styles in your advertising, it is best to stick with them on your roller banners. It is also a good idea to include your company logo on your roller banners as well, perhaps in a corner.

At Just, all our top-quality roller banners are printed on 440gsm scrimless banner material and have full colour, high resolution, printing. The material has a grey back so it will not let light through, which makes your message stand out loud and clear. The banners are available in different sizes up to as much as 2,000 mm x 2,000 mm and are all supplied with a two-year guarantee.

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